What is a Traditional Anglican Church ?

As a Traditional Anglican Church, we at Resurrection Anglican Church in St Augustine, Florida, believe that in today’s world many of our Christian values, rooted in Scripture, have been compromised, watered down, and in some cases have been systematically eliminated to make Christianity fit into the box of the modern, politically correct society.  As a result, there are churches and denominations that have abandoned their members by abandoning the tenants of their faith.  People stop going to churches where they can not truly worship and and be fed on God’s inerrant, Holy Word.  These faithful Christians didn’t want to leave their churches; their Church left them.  Traditional, liturgical worship that honors our Triune God is what we practice at Resurrection.  Our faith is centered around worship.  When we place the priority on worship first, we prepare our hearts to receive God’s love in abundance through Word and Sacrament ministry.  As a result, God always gives us back more than we give.

There is nothing fancy or showy about our form of worship.  We do not rely upon contemporary forms of worship.  You will not find multimedia presentations or modern praise music in our church.  What you will find is a dignified, holy reverence for God in both Word and Sacrament.  We honor God by adhering to the traditions of American Episcopal Church, est 1789, by our forefathers.  Our Book of Common Prayer and liturgy were established in 1928 and the beautiful music of the church is firmly rooted in hymns of faith and tradition.  This does not make us “old fashioned” or irrelevant, rather it places traditional Christian values at the heart of worship. This is the solid foundation that Resurrection and our denomination is built upon.

Our mission, at Resurrection Anglican, is to reach out to those who are looking to worship “the Lord in the beauty of holiness” with Christians who share their traditional values.  If God is leading you to reconnect with Him and fellow believers, then we invite you to visit us to “Come and See”. John 1:46

Yet a time has come and has now come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks.” – John 4:23